2024 10 Years of Flying Hamburger Socials

Hi Everyone,

2024 marks the 10th anniversary of the Flying Hamburger Socials. We are not counting 2020. We are in the process of coming up with something special for 10 years. Is there anything you can think of to help make this 10 year anniversary special. Let us know. Jeff@flyinghamburgersocial.com

AirVenture 2023

This year we are launching AirVenture 2023 notifications for places to Fly. If your airport offers on site camping, 24 hr bathrooms, WIFI, Showers, Rental Cars, discounted fuel, etc. Let Jeff know so he can put it on our AirVenture Page and in the weekly newsletter. Jeff posts the newsletter to multiple Facebook groups throughout the aviation community, not just Wisconsin. Send your information to Jeff@flyinghamburgersocial.com. Posting this is FREE. You can find the page here on our website.

New Website Location and Design

It has been 11 years in the making, but the Flying Hamburger Social has it's own dedicated website hosting. The reason for this was that it will hopefully take the website to a whole new level instead of hosting it on one of my other website hosting sites.

This website is entirely donation. I pay for the hosting. It is my personal time dedicated to maintaining this. I do this as I am a firm believer in Aviation and Flying. My time is often spent at the airport in KMFI and KVIQ. It provides me the opportunity to have well over 500 acres of office. Most of the time though you will find me at KMFI at the front counter.
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