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Flyer 411 is a touch screen device that is available to airports. The Flyer 411 will place these devices at airports to assist aviators with their flight planning. The Flyer 411 touch screen device allows pilots to easily check:

  • Weather
  • Airport Information
  • Aviation Services
  • Community Information
  • Dining
  • Lodging
  • Local Attractions

The information is available free of charge to pilots at supporting airports all throughout Wisconsin and is available in other States as well.
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For Advertisers:
Flyer 411 allows video advertisements through the device. Get your information out to pilots so that they want to utilize the services, goods and products you provide. To learn more about advertising on the Flyer 411, please contact Joel Timblin at or call. 715-205-9104
For Airports:
Do you have a place that a Flyer 411 Touch Screen could hang at your airport? Is there easy access to electricity? Is there wireless internet in your building? If you answered yes to all of these, a Flyer 411 device would be easy to set up in your airport building. To learn more about getting a Flyer 411 touch screen at your airport, please contact Joel Timblin at or call. 715-205-9104
For more information on Flyer 411 please contact Joel Timblin, Flyer411 LLC,, W197 410th Avenue, Plum City, WI 54761, Phone: 715-205-9104,
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