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Safety Socials

Safety Socials are a combined effort of the participating airport, Milwaukee Flight Standards District Office and the Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Socials. The Safety Social is a combination social / FAA Safety Team event where pilots can go to learn about various issues in aviation and earn WINGS credit. The socials will have refreshments.

Safety Socials are held primarily from September 1st, to May 31st.

If you would like to host a safety social:
1. Find out if your airport has a FAA Safety Team representative, if not that is okay.
2. Contact Jeff at the Wisconsin Flying Hamburger Social about tentative dates.
3. Jeff will help you get the ball rolling with the Milwaukee Flight Standards District Office.
Upcoming Safety Socials

AT the moment there are no Safety Socials scheduled. However we recommend you go to for the nearest safety seminar in your area. There are also online seminars that you can complete at your leasure.
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